Quality Program

Crawford was founded in 1941 and from the beginning quality has been a cornerstone of the company. We designed our current Quality Program to be integral to operations, from the field level up.

To ensure that we achieve our quality goals:

  • We have invested substantial resources in Crawford Educational Services (CES), developing new courses and expanding our team of experienced, highly-qualified instructors. All new hires attend CES training and continuing education is mandatory for all claims professionals.
  • We have made significant, ongoing investments in information technology systems that allow us to track quality down to the case level, in real time. Crawford's state-of-the-art systems in place at the field level include Q-Ops, Claims Advantage, CareTech, RiskTech, CMS2, and e-Claims.
  • We have designed our business processes to get the most from our I.T. investments. We track all critical information and report the data to a unit that monitors results and quickly provides correctives.

The Results: How Quality Audits Benefit Crawford Clients

Our systematic quality-assurance program was introduced in 2005. The program is credited for the increase in quality Crawford has observed across the Company. By implementing a comprehensive quality-assurance program, we intend to continuously raise quality scores as we create a virtuous cycle of education and reinforcement of quality initiatives."